PITCHILL CONSULTING LTD works with its clients to manage the risks that arise from technology and regulation. Complex management or engineering systems can respond to changes in the law or technology in unexpected ways, leading to uncertainty and hence to increased costs, lower performance or reduced safety. We help our clients develop robust and responsible solutions to the management of risk and the governance that assures them.

Our clients include companies, especially those subject to a Regulator; government departments and agencies, including international bodies; and trade associations and other groupings of companies who act for an entire industry. We work with the most senior management and their advisors, including advisory committees, in a wide range of sectors. Recent work has been in transport, construction, defence and energy. Previous clients have come from telecommunications, medical devices, power tools and agrochemicals, as well as both policy and executive staff in many government departments, the European Commission and European Parliament.

Pitchill brings together three areas of expertise: engineering, law and project management, which together determine the governance of major projects. We often work with other consulting companies to provide a more complete client service, drawing on a wide network of specialists and nationalities. Most of our work is "repeat orders", allowing us to build a close partnership with our clients.

Most of Pitchill’s work is confidential to its clients. The links above take you to published documents and other web sites that set out some of the thinking that underpins that work and the challenges which we help to overcome.

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